Lucky lobster rescued from ghost nets by Ghost Fishing Greece –

On Sunday, September 16th, the team of Ghost Fishing Greece supported by the Municipality of Fournoi KorseonKorseai- Institute of Historical and Archaeological Research, the Professional Fisherman Association of Fournoi, Thimena Cultural Association and AquaTec Divers Training, carried out a ghost net removal mission in Fournoi, a complex of small Greek islands in the Northern Aegean Sea.

The 9-person diving team, among them technical divers and archaeological conservationists, recovered a ghost net from the seabed weighing 60-90 kilos! The net, which was laying between 10 -20 meters depth, will be transported for cleaning to Nofir A.S and to Aquafil  for regeneration into ECONYL® yarn, the basis for new sustainable products.

A lucky lobster (Mediterranean slipper lobster) was saved by the divers who untangled the crustacean from the net at the nick of time. Following its release, the lobster quickly hid under a rock!

Millions of marine animals die because of entanglement with fishing nets. It is estimated that 640,000 tons of fishing gear are lost at sea each year.

September 20th, 2018

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